Fort Atkinson Firefighters’ fundraiser March 17

The Fort Atkinson Firefighters are holding their annual fundraiser Sunday, March 17.

They will be serving buttermilk pancakes and sausage from 9:30 a. m. to 12:30 p. m. at the Fort Atkinson Community Center.

The Fire Department’s 2018 fundraiser was to update 15-year-old air packs. With the help of the community and the township trustees, the department was able to purchase six new air packs. The total cost for the packs, each equipped with a thermal imaging camera and a spare tank, totaled $45,591.

This year, the department is working to update five pagers and equip members with particle barrier hoods to wear for protection from contaminants. Any extra funds from this event will be put into savings for future equipment updates.

“The Fort Atkinson Firefighters greatly appreciate the support from the community, and look forward to seeing everyone at our pancake and sausage fundraiser brunch,” said Fort Atkinson Fire

Mayor Borowski proclaims Iowa Honey Bee Day

Decorah Mayor Lorraine Borowski recently signed a proclamation in recognition of Iowa Honeybee Day.

The proclamation states: “Honey bees and native insects are important as pollinators for a third of the food we eat, and honey bees are vital in production of over 90 crops grown across the nation, many of which are in Iowa. Honey bees contribute to a healthy Iowa environment by assuring availability of fruits, vegetables, nuts and flowers for wildlife and all lowans.

“Iowa’s 45,000 or more honey bee hives produce about 4 million pounds of honey valued at over $8 million and honey bees provide an estimated $92 million economic value to Iowa crops from their pollination.

“Iowa has over 4,500 beekeepers representing hobbyists, sideliners as part-time businesses and full-time commercial beekeepers. Hobby beekeepers have as few as one hive to commercial operations with thousands of hives.

“Traditionally beekeeping occurred in rural areas of Iowa. Now beekeeping increasingly occurs in urban areas with the rising interest of hobby beekeepers for keeping beehives in Iowa cities and towns.

“The state of Iowa has an active apiary inspection program to protect honey bees and beekeepers from introduction and spread of apiary diseases and pests.

“Honey bees face serious threats from invasive pests, decreasing bee friendly forage, variable climate and increasing pesticide and herbicide pressure.

“The city of Decorah has enacted legislation that makes it easier to engage in beekeeping activities in the city.

“Therefore I do hereby proclaim and support Feb. 27 as Iowa Honey Bee Day and encourage all citizens, residents and visitors to join in observing this day and focusing on the importance of honey bees to our state economy, to enjoy the honey and other products of honey bees, to recognize the honey bees’ role in maintaining our Iowa environment, and to assist in reducing the threats to honey bee survival in our state.”