Carol Hasvold to present on Norwegian immigrant Erik Ellefsen

Carol Hasvold will give the program at the Decorah Genealogy Association November meeting Monday, Nov. 25, at 7 p. m., in the Decorah Senior Center, 806 River Street, Decorah.

Hasvold’s program is entitled “Preus, Brandt, Koren … Ellefsen? A Mystery Name on the Luther College Founders Monument: or, Erik Ellefsen Slaen, a Microcosm of Norwegian American Immigration.”

This remarkable Norwegian immigrant homesteaded in three states, went on the gold rush to California, was a wealthy businessman and was heavily involved in politics, both church and public. He is of special interest to people in this area for the role he played in the founding of Luther College.

Hasvold is a graduate in history from the University of Kansas, with additional studies in anthropology Scandinavian studies and museum studies at Luther College. She was a long-time registrar and librarian at Vesterheim Norwegian American Museum.

Parking is available in the adjacent lot, and has handicap accessible facilities.

Everyone is welcome.