Next Community Forum is Tuesday

Mayor Lorraine Borowski and Luther College Vice President of Equity and Inclusion and Student Success Lisa Scott have initiated a monthly gathering of community partners for public conversation and information exchanges.

The next Community Forum is Tuesday, Nov. 26, from 5 to 6 p. m. on the Luther College campus at the Women and Gender Equality Center (Gjerset House). The Center is located on High Street just beyond the Center for Arts building. Parking is available.

Scott will host the event. The Center currently houses a visiting exhibit titled: “RACE: Are We So Different. The exhibit explores the science of race and the idea that race is not a biological concept, but a social construct. The multimedia experience features historical and modern photos, statistics, and objects that convey information about the presence of race in society. It demonstrates how the concept of race is used as a justification for prejudice and mistreatment even though there are not scientific differences between people of different races.

Viewers can also hear first-person accounts of individual’s experience with race. Guy Nave, Luther professor of religion, believes that the exhibit is an effective way to spark conversation on the role that race plays in society.

Representatives from city government, Luther College, Decorah Police Department and Decorah Schools will be available for general conversation and an exchange of ideas. The event is open to the public.

The Community Forum will not be held in December but will reconvene in January.