Letters to the Editor
Dear Editor:

It’s hard to see my town being tore apart because of the request from council members that wish to have the Pride flag as one to be flowed with other flags that have been recognized.

The idea that the Pride flag will bring people together and made to feel welcome and part of diversity is not correct. This is what the American flag does. It recognizes all people and groups, we all are Americans.

If we want to divide this nation that’s what happens when each little group wants their own right over another group. If so, then we need to recognize the Germans, the Asians, the Blacks, etc. with their own flag. Does that make sense?

We must not divide into separate groups which cause hate against each other instead of we our one, and that’s Americans . We have a pride parade , we have the Pride flag in yards, for those who wish.

The LGBTQ are known once they get into a community, they want more and more rights. Soon you will have a Drag Queen in the Library and a baker that his religion beliefs don’t want to bake a wedding cake, but he will and can be sued even though that is right also.

We all have rights but some cases when your rights go against somebody else’s rights. Where does it stop? We have one American flag and it stands for all of us.

Joanne Yarwood Broken Arrow, Okla.