Public Health only monitoring one COVID-19 case
By Sarah Strandberg

Winneshiek County Public Health is currently only monitoring one resident with COVID-19, Winneshiek County Public Health Nursing Administrator Krista Vanden Brink told Winneshiek County Supervisors Monday.

“They are under voluntary quarantine at home. Things are going well. In a day or day and a half, we could release them,” she said.

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the county remained at 18 early this week.

Winneshiek County Public Health is continuing to do investigations and contact tracing for all of the county’s positive cases, the nurse reported.


Public Health is receiving questions from many organizations wondering if they should be holding events or not.

“It’s really hard. There’s not a right answer. We can all admit we want to be able to be moving out and about more frequently instead of being restricted, but a lot of personal responsibility comes with that,” Vanden Brink said. “We encourage people to wear masks when they’re out in public.”

Vanden Brink said Winneshiek Emergency Management Coordinator Sean Snyder also is being asked whether or not events should be held.

“We’re looking for advice from our cohorts from across the state … We anticipate some more things will be opened later this week,” she said.

Vanden Brink noted May 15 is the date the governor had set for re-evaluating closures that had been imposed to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“We’re waiting with bated breath to find out what’s going to happen,” she said.


Snyder told the supervisors he has been working with school offi-cials and the county fair board on their future plans.

He said obtaining and distributing personal protective equipment is his “main focus” at this time.