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series that was released March 30. “Lisa and Lana are very creative, which I am not, so they have helped a great deal in the costume idea area. It’s amazing what people have lying around their house,” the P. E. teacher said.

While maintaining social distancing and keeping equipment sanitized, Morken has incorporated fellow teacher, Paul Tollefsrud (Coach T to many), as well as other staff and community members in the videos as well. He has released a video for each day the district has had social distancing.

“They have been a lot of fun to do but I guess if I had to pick my favorites probably the camping one with Coach T and the first time machine one with Coach T would be my favorites. It’s hard to pick just one or two — the rapper and DJ ones were fun also,” said Morken. “I am definitely out of my comfort zone doing these, but the feedback has been great. The kids and parents have enjoyed them and friends of mine in nearly all 50 states have also viewed them and worked out with their kids so it has really taken off more than I could have ever imagined.”

The series will end Friday, May 22, Mabel-Canton’s final day of school.