Aase Haugen is looking for the ‘helpers’

The famous TV celebrity, Mister Rogers, once said, “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’”

Today, Aase Haugen is looking for the helpers who will serve as temporary nurses’ aides and even


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licensed nurses to assist with care-giving of residents in Aase’s nursing, memory care, skilled nursing and assisted living facilities.

“Some reports indicate that IF COVID-19 enters a nursing facility, we can expect staff to be reduced by 25 percent or more due to illness and other reasons,” says Tammy Lauritzen, Aase Haugen director of nursing. “COVID-19 is not in our building but we are planning for a future we hope never happens. If it does, we’re going to need more help.”

To plan for possible need for more staff, Aase Haugen is hiring Temporary Nurse Aides. To certifying as a temporary nurses aide you must be:

• A CNAs whose eligibility for employment has lapsed in the last 24 months

• A student who was taking the state approved 75-hour course prior to the pandemic and completed at least 20 hours of that course.

• Able to complete a hybrid nursing aide program through a one-day online class

• Able to pass our background check and a review of skills by our staff.

The temporary nurses aide certification is only valid during the pandemic. People who sign up as temporary staff, whether TNAs or nurses, will be eligible for the Aase scholarship program should they choose to seek employment at Aase and advance their learning.

Earning a TNA certification is simple:

• Complete a FREE 8-hour online course, which may be completed on your own time at home. educate. ahcancal.org/products/temporary-nurse-aide

• Complete the course, pass the exam, and present your certificate to Aase Haugen Personnel Director, Kristie Austin 563-382-3503.

• Next you’ll need to pass a competency assessment at Aase Haugen, where you will demonstrate the required skills under the observation of an RN, who will review and sign-off.

“We are also reaching out to retired nurses who still have a license or nurses who may be furloughed,” says Lauritzen. “While some health care facilities do not have enough work for their nurses, we do, and we hope that there are furloughed nurses would be interested in our mission of caring for the elderly and the competitive wages we offer for their temporary assistance.”

Anyone interested in signing up as a temporary nurses aide or as a PRN LPN or RN should contact Kristie Austin, Aase Haugen personnel director at 563-382-3603 or email HR@aasehaugen.com.