Letter to the Editor
Support Langreck
Dear Editor:

After serving as a Winneshiek County supervisor for eighteen years I decided not to run for re-election.

I am very pleased to see Dan Langreck has decided to run.

Dan was appointed to the Planning and Zoning Commission several years ago and has since moved to the Board of Adjustment.

Dan is also a member of Ossian City Council. These positions have given Dan the experience that is needed to work with people, while being aware of the governing instruments inherent to the Iowa State Code and Winneshiek County ordinances.

Dan owns land in unincorporated areas as well as a business in an incorporated city. This gives Dan a broader understanding of and outlook concerning property taxes.

I’m sure Dan will bring the same common sense to the Supervisors that he has brought to the comprehensive zoning plan in the past.

I am very confident that my vote for Dan Langreck for Supervisor will be well placed.

John Logsdon Ossian