South Winn QB shakes off health challenges

–Vince Lombardi

By Chad Smith

Jacob Herold has battled linemen, cornerbacks and safeties en route to becoming one of the best high school quarterbacks in the state. But one of his toughest opponents doesn’t wear a helmet or shoulder pads. Herold is a Type 1 diabetic. Yet this 17-year old has learned to thrive while living with a disease that would sideline most anyone, much less an elite athlete.

Herold, starting quarterback for the South Winneshiek Warriors, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in the first grade. The most difficult form of diabetes to live with, Type 1 disrupts the pancreas’ normal production of insulin. Athletic activity only worsens the condition, as it drains the body of the carbohydrates necessary to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. “I’m constantly checking my blood sugar during games,” Herold said. “If I’m getting either low


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