Continued limits approved for spectators
By Roz Weis

In a move to protect student athletes and spectators from the spread of COVID-19, Decorah Community School District (DCSD) Board of Directors endorsed a proposal from Decorah High School Athletic Director Adam Riley to continue current spectator guidelines when hosting student events and contests.

Riley’s report was presented at the Monday night meeting of the Board.

Despite Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds recent proclamation lifting spectator limits at high school athletic events, DCSD offi-cials remained cautious and urged continued diligence in activities protocols. The Governor’s proclamation gave schools the authority to choose whether or not to allow unlimited attendance.

Citing concerns about coping with athletic quarantines and the desire to reduce athletes’ exposure to the coronavirus, the board approved continuing limited attendance with specific guidelines.

In a DCSD letter to student-athletes, family members and spectators, it was noted, “While we are excited to know that many restrictions have been lifted, we will need to still have a system in place to monitor the number of spectators in our facility to maintain proper physical distancing guidelines. The primary focus of our system will be to keep students and spectators safe from the transmission of COVID-19.”

Based on agreement of five of the Northeast Iowa Conference (NEIC) member schools and the DCSD, admission to spectators to winter sporting events will be limited. Certain activities (bowling, swimming, wrestling

School board

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