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tournaments, speech, music and middle school sports) will have modified admission requirements based on facility needs and ability to separate students from crowds.

Guidelines are as follows:

• Family members living in the same household of each participant will be admitted to events through a checklist system with a maximum number of six individuals admitted.

• Each participant in an event will be allowed to distribute their current two passes to any individuals not in their household.

• All spectators are required to wear masks entering and exiting the event, as well as while the event is occurring.

• Families are required to sit together and maintain physical distance from other groups at all times for all indoor events.

• No organized student sections will be allowed until further notice.

• Spectators not following social distancing and/or behavioral expectations will be asked to leave.

Board members agreed that there is a common goal for giving students the opportunity to compete and be involved in school activities.

Reiterating the need for continued guidance, DCSD Board President Ron Fadness stated, “It is unwise to just throw the doors open to all. This is not a time to slack on the mask-wearing … We are taking chances as we open up a bit, and we could blow it.”

In his presentation Monday night, Riley said five member-schools in the Northeast Iowa Conference agreed to the spectator protocols as presented in his report.

Iowa State Representative Michael Bergan of Dorchester and Iowa State Senator Mike Klimesh of Spillville attended Monday night’s school board meeting via Zoom. (DN photos by Roz Weis)
Legislators attend meeting via Zoom

Iowa State Representative Michael Bergan of Dorchester and Iowa State Senator Mike Klimesh of Spillville attended Monday night’s school board meeting via Zoom from their offices in Des Moines.

The legislators emphasized the need for continued communication from board members as planning for the next academic year gets into full swing. Bergan cited his 24-year dedication to childcare initiatives and his motivation to improve mental health.

Newly-elected Senator Klimesh said he also viewed childcare and mental health issues as top priorities.

DCSD Superintendent Mark Lane joined board members in encouraging the state officials to continue work toward increased transportation funding and more work to enable the district to compete with the private sector in retaining support staff. They also cited the mental health of students and the long-range impact of the COVID-19 pandemic as the issues they face in their work on the Board.

Board member Krista Vanden Brink thanked the officials and wished them luck in the current

legislative session, stating, “We need collaboration.”
Other business

In other business Monday night, Board members Fadness, John Hjelle, Krista Vanden Brink, Ben Lange and Brian Petersburg took the following action:

• Scheduled a public hearing Feb. 8 on the proposed issuance of nearly $4 million in school infrastructure sales, service and use-tax revenue refunding bonds. Representatives of PFM Financial Advisors LLC Jon Burmeister and Susanne Gerlach attended the meeting via Zoom, outlining the bond maturity dates, interest rate forecasts and other information for the Board.

• Adopted and waived the second and third readings of a carefully crafted policy on student conduct (including corporal punishment, mechanical restraint, prone restraint, seclusion of students).

• Scheduled a State-required Community Needs Assessment platform for Monday, Jan. 18 for invited participants via Zoom. To date, 35 participants have responded to an invitation to participate. Keystone staffers will administer the surveys and gather the responses.