Manderfifield is in the driver’s seat
By Becky Walz

Like a lot of teenagers, Logan Manderfield just wanted to drive. But in Logan’s case, getting on the road wasn’t as simple as passing a permit test and taking driver’s education.

The Turkey Valley high school junior was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) a rare, progressive genetic condition in which muscle tissue continues to weaken, at 16 months. Children typically become wheelchair-reliant by early adolescence and the disease more frequently impacts males. The “typical” activities teens take part in become increasingly difficult, and sometimes impossible.

DMD patients and families learn that dreams sometimes stay dreams. Yet sometimes, they become reality. Logan’s parents, Don and Lyndsey Manderfield, dreamed that Logan would drive to prom one day. On Saturday, April 24, after years of training and vehicle modification,|| 563-382-4221 |

Logan Manderfield and his modified 2015 Chevy truck. (Driftless Journal photo by Becky Walz)

Logan did just that. He pulled out of his rural St. Lucas driveway and drove to his junior prom.

The ‘road’ to getting on the road

At 14, Logan earned his permit and completed driver’s education like many teens –in his case, just with the use


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