Inwood Ballroom celebrates a century of bringing people together
By Kate Klimesh
The Inwood Ballroom will celebrate 100 years of continuous service during a three-day event planned for this September. (submitted photo)

(Editor’s Note: This article is part one of a series celebrating the history of the Inwood Ballroom in Spillville.)

Not many places in Iowa can say they have a historic ballroom still in operation, and fewer yet can claim over a century of dancing and celebrations in their past. Picture the Inwood Ballroom as you come into Spillville nestled among the verdant trees and grounds of scenic Riverside Park.

The park is home to the Dvorak Memorial, commemorating famous Czech composer Antonin Dvorak’s summer in Spillville, where he heard the lilting song of the Scarlet Tanager bird along the Turkey River, often said to be the inspiration for the American String

Inwood Ballroom

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