On the trail to a stronger community
By Kate Klimesh
The Trails From Freeport group has a proposal for the initial playground structure, based on funds raised to date. The park will include swings, a sandpit and additional equipment is possible. Additional funds will help the group purchase additional features, adding to the Destination Playspace feel of the park. The group is exploring options including a kid(s) zip-line and equipment to make this park inclusive for children and families with differing abilities.

Freeport Park in rural Decorah has seen its share of improvements in the last decade. Notably, in 2015, the park was officially connected to the Trout Run Trail via completion of the Freeport Trail. This connection saw a spike in visitors to the park, which led the Trails From Freeport committee to determine the next step in improvements was to replace the park’s decades-old playground equipment. This week, the committee announced that funds have been raised to purchase playground equipment and with hopes to begin installation next spring.

Freeport Park recap

Freeport is by definition an unincorporated community just northeast of Decorah, which is where this story begins. “It all started with these humans right here, that worked so hard to get the Trout Run Trail connected to the Freeport Park owned by Winneshiek County Conservation,” reported Shanna Putnam Dibble, Freeport resident and member of the Trails From Freeport (TFF) Group. “And there’s one of the founding members,” she said as TFF member Heidi Rockweiler joined the discussion.

The Trails From Freeport project has grown organically over the years. Projects were completed and celebrated, and new goals were set for the improvement of Freeport Park. Everyone is involved with the project, from the Freeport Community Service Group of young people, to old and new community members who are excited to see the community grow. Rockweiler and Dibble are joined in spearheading the project by Tonya Holthaus (she is also

Freeport Park

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