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January 18, 2020

Healthy Eating And Physical Activity For Life
Consuming healthy foods and beverages, regular physical activity, stress relief and adequate sleep may help you stay healthy for life. ... More >>

What Is Lurking In The Pork Sold At Walmart Stores?
Is the meat you eat safe? Testing suggests it may not be. ... More >>

Is That Video Game A Health Risk? Three Things Parents Should Know
Smoking is found in many video games, including those rated appropriate for teenagers. ... More >>

Ten Tips To Pick Your Best Plan In The Last Days Of ACA Open Enrollment
It can be easy to shop for health insurance online. ... More >>

The End Of The Year Is Not The End Of Your Healthy Living Diet
Developing a support system of people who know your goals, strengths and weaknesses can be extremely beneficial in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, especially during the challenging times of the year. ... More >>

How People With Low Vision Can Stay Safe And Independent
Much can be done to improve quality of life. ... More >>

How To Put A Bow On Your Holiday Health Care Conversations
Your family can have happier, healthier holidays for years to come if you take some time to review your health care options. ... More >>

Six Top Wellness Trends to Watch For
Popular roads to wellness. ... More >>

Join A Clinical Trial To Help Advance Innovations In Health And Medicine
Clinical trials seek better ways to prevent, detect and treat disease to improve the health of current and future generations. ... More >>

Home For The Holidays
Certain changes in behavior in an older relative may indicate a need for long-term care. ... More >>

Mind Your ABCs To Manage Both Diabetes And Heart Disease
Having diabetes makes you more likely to develop heart disease. ... More >>

Five Important Medicare Changes Coming For 2020
Now's the time to decide which Medicare Advantage plan is best for you. ... More >>

Caregivers, Take Care: How To Keep Your Caregiving Duties From Overwhelming You
Today's technology lets caregivers focus attention on the key moments that matter most with loved ones. ... More >>

Ask The Doctor: Early Morning Challenges With ADHD
ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder defined by impairing levels of inattention, disorganization, and/or hyperactivity-impulsivity. ... More >>

Medicare Enrollment Season Is Coming: 5 Tips To Make Sure You're In The Right Plan
People covered by Medicare will have even more plans with a host of new benefits to choose from for 2020. ... More >>

Cold Medicine Ingredients Can Raise Your Blood Pressure
Simple precautions can prevent problems. ... More >>

Debunking Common Medicare Part D Myths
It's important to evaluate your Medicare Prescription Drug Plan every year. ... More >>

Research Continues To Drive Advances Against Cancer
Good news in the fight against cancer. ... More >>

Dry Eye: More Than A Minor Annoyance
Everyone should have an annual eye exam?particularly those with dry eye. ... More >>

Removing The Mystery From A Prostate Cancer Diagnosis
It pays for men to be vigilant about their routine prostate cancer screenings. ... More >>

National League For Nursing Calls For Greater Civility Among Our National Community
An appreciation for creating and sustaining a culture of civility is essential for an inclusive and civil society. ... More >>

Putting An End To Polio
You can help eradicate polio?and make history. ... More >>

The U.S. Military Uses Laser Vision Correction For Mission-Ready Personnel
The U.S. military relies on laser vision correction procedures to make sure service members have the vision needed for operational success and safety. ... More >>

Helping People With Disabilities Forge A Path To Financial Independence
People with disabilities who want to work can discover opportunities for employment and move toward financial independence. ... More >>

Breathe Easier
To fight indoor pollution, you need to keep your air ducts clean. ... More >>

Get Your Kids Checked For Asthma And Allergies
Doctors now have better equipment than ever to help them diagnose asthma. ... More >>

Diabetes Makes Disaster Planning Even More Important
Nine steps to be ready for natural disasters. ... More >>

How To Scratch Head Lice Off Your List Of Worries
Defend your family against super lice. ... More >>

How To Never Miss A Day Of Your Medication
From pill reminders to tools for conveniently managing your condition, the answer to improved health could be in the palm of your hand. ... More >>

Free Glossary And Compensation Guide
A free booklet can help victims of asbestos diseases get the compensation they deserve. ... More >>

Feel Good From The Inside Out
To live your best life, think cellular. ... More >>

Combat Sickle Cell Disease by Filling the Missing Types
"Silent heroes" describes people who donate blood?and you could be among them. ... More >>

New Study Uncovers 'Hidden' Epidemic In Health Care: Hospital Drug Diversion
A recent report revealed health care providers may be in denial about employees and health care workers diverting controlled sub-stances away from patients. ... More >>

Protect People With PD
It's very important for people with Parkinson's disease to get their medication on time, every time, even when they're in the hospital. ... More >>

Will High Cholesterol Affect Pregnancy?
Women with familial hypercholesterolemia may need extra care while pregnant. ... More >>

The Importance Of Early Screening For Autism
Autism affects one in 59 children and early screening can make a lifetime of difference. ... More >>

Is It Seasonal Allergies Or Dry Eye?
A medical eye exam can determine the cause of your symptoms so you get the appropriate treatment. ... More >>

New Survey Reveals BP Monitoring Habits Need To Improve
A new survey revealed that many of the 103 million American adults with high blood pressure (HBP), or hypertension, aren't keeping close tabs on their condition. ... More >>

Make Health A Family Reunion Affair: Talk With Your Family About Kidney Health
Kidney disease affects an estimated 30 million adults in the United States. Talk with your family about risk factors, testing and treatment. ... More >>

Support For People With Disabilities On The Journey To Work
Social Security's Ticket to Work program may help you on your journey to financial independence. ... More >>

Fighting The Opioid Epidemic
Health care professionals could save more than 130 lives lost to the opioid epidemic each day. ... More >>

See Your Eye Doctor
Eight suggestions to keep your eyes healthy. ... More >>

Good Ideas On Aging Well
Ways to make aging easier. ... More >>

Suspect Stroke? Call 911
BE FAST when you suspect a stroke. ... More >>

Five Ways To Help Prevent Veteran Suicide
Too many veterans don't get the help they need, but experts say everyone should get involved to help save a veteran's life. ... More >>

Head Off A Head Lice Infestation Before It Happens
You can be proactive when it comes to preventing head lice. ... More >>

Floods Can Affect Your Well Water's Well-Being
People who have inground wells in areas affected by flooding should watch for contaminated water. ... More >>

Pressure Ulcers Cost U.S. Healthcare $10.2 Billion and Contribute to Nearly 29,000 Hospital Deaths Each Year
Pressure ulcers are both costly and deadly but new technology can dramatically curb the pressure ulcer pandemic. ... More >>

Benefits Of CBD Products
One of the best and most effective ways to benefit from nonpsychoactive, THC-free CBD is to use it on the largest organ of your body: your skin. ... More >>

Ten Easy Ways To Get A Dose Of Vitamin N(ature) In Just Ten Minutes
Scientific evidence proves getting outside is good for your health and well-being. ... More >>

Health Benefits Of Plant-Based Nutrition
Plant foods are nutrient dense. ... More >>

Talking With Your Health Care Provider About Kidney Health
Your doctor can tell you whether you have kidney disease and what to do about it. ... More >>

What You Need To Know About Heart Valve Disease
Answers to seven frequently asked questions about HVD. ... More >>

Answers To Questions About Keeping Your Heart Healthy
Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death for adults in the United States?but you can protect yourself. ... More >>

Health Services And Screenings Every Woman Should Know About
Women should talk to their doctors about what they can do to protect their health. ... More >>

Can You Afford an Unexpected Hospital Bill? Preparing Your Family for Unforeseen Costs
You can protect against rising hospital costs. ... More >>

Small Changes Can Mean Big Differences In Blood Pressure Control
Almost half of the U.S. adult population has high blood pressure. ... More >>

Easier Access To Insulin Through Discounted Direct Purchase Program
Doctors today have many ways to keep diabetes under control ... More >>

What To Do About The Flu
It's peak flu season. Are your symptoms those of a cold or the flu? ... More >>

How Do We Know LASIK Is Safe?
Your eye doctor can help you see your way clear to determining whether LASIK vision correction is right for you. ... More >>

Footballer Jerry Rice Makes Big Play For Kidney Health
Thirty million adults in the U.S. are estimated to have chronic kidney disease-and most aren't aware of it. ... More >>

Building A Medicaid Bipartisan Bridge
A bipartisan bill before Congress would make pharmacy prices more transparent. ... More >>

Thirty Years Of Perfect Harmony To Help Kids
Country music stars raise funds for kids with cancer. ... More >>

Living Better With Chronic Respiratory Diseases
Here's news that should help many people with chronic respiratory diseases such as COPD breathe easier. ... More >>

What You Need To Know About Cholesterol
New cholesterol guidelines from the American Heart Association emphasize a personalized approach to preventing and treating high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease. ... More >>

New Brain Health Initiative Could Unlock Mysteries Of Alzheimer's, Dementia
Researchers seek preventions and treatments for age-related brain disorders. ... More >>

Cold, Painful Fingers Can Mean A Serious Disease
"Zombie Hands." That's what can happen to an estimated 5 to 10 percent of the population when temperatures start to fall. ... More >>

Age Healthier With These Five Tips.
How to manage your health despite your busy schedule. ... More >>

Do I Need Bunion Surgery?
Foot and ankle surgeons have new and better ways to help people with bunions. ... More >>

Head Lice Resolutions: How To Protect Your Child
When the dreaded lice letter comes home from school, you'll want an effective product?NOW. ... More >>

Talk To Your Doctor About Migraine Prevention
People with frequent migraine attacks can now get daily preventive therapy. ... More >>

Long-Distance Caregiving
Chances are at some point you'll be a caregiver to an older adult. Learn about local resources that can help. ... More >>

It's Never Too Late To Achieve A Healthy Weight
Simple tips and tools to help Americans start and maintain healthy habits. ... More >>

Winning Attitudes
Among the record 26,000 runners participating in the St. Jude Memphis Marathon, nearly 1,000 were St. Jude patients or family members and friends. ... More >>

Time Is Running Out: Seven Last-Minute Tips For Medicare Open Enrollment
Seven things all Medicare enrollees should know. ... More >>

Medical Authorities Spread the Word About Prediabetes
A public service advertising (PSA) campaign encourages people to ask themselves "Do I Have Prediabetes" and helps them learn their risk. ... More >>

Writing Off The End Of The Year
The average person gains six pounds in holiday weight. ... More >>

Know The Facts: Five Biggest Myths About Diabetes
Nearly half of U.S. adults are at risk for or have diabetes. The numbers alone are staggering, yet diabetes continues to be misunderstood and often disregarded. ... More >>

How To Stay Comfortable During A Cold
The next time you get a cold, you won't be alone. Adults have an average of two to three colds a year, and children even more. ... More >>

Four Easy Tips That Will Keep You Working Out All Winter Long
Exercise can strengthen your immune system to help fight off cold weather blues and illnesses. ... More >>

Eight Tips For Caregivers To Help Ease The Risky Business Of Caregiving
Maintain your own well-being while caring for your loved one. ... More >>

Home For The Holidays
Certain changes in behavior in an older relative may indicate a need for long-term care. ... More >>

Do You Know If You Have COPD?
While a COPD diagnosis may seem overwhelming, with the right treatment plan, COPD patients can stay active and improve their quality of life. ... More >>

Sickle Cell: One Gene, Many Faces, And A Quest For A Cure
Sickle cell disease research, which has led to pain-reducing treatments. ... More >>

Medicare Advantage Plans Offer A Broader Mix Of Benefits
Whether you're new to Medicare or an established beneficiary, take a close look at Medicare Advantage plans during this year's open enrollment period. ... More >>

Kitchen Contamination: How To Keep Your Family Safe
A paper towel is the best way to clean up the bacteria found on a contaminated kitchen counter. ... More >>

Drink To Your Health
You can enjoy a refreshing pick-me-up without drinking something loaded with fat and sugar. ... More >>

Rural Americans Face Greater Challenges In Accessing Cancer Care, According To New National Survey
Americans worry about the cost and the availability of cancer care. ... More >>

Dos And Don'ts For Managing High Blood Pressure During Cold And Flu Season
People with high blood pressure should consult a doctor before taking any cold medicine. ... More >>

Keeping Mom And Child Healthy After Gestational Diabetes
Steps to prevent or delay type 2 diabetes for you and your child. ... More >>

When Should I Worry About My Child's Foot Pain?
When a child has foot-related problems, early intervention by an expert can be key. ... More >>

One Family's Incredible Journey To Wellness
Standing up to cancer can be one of the toughest challenges anyone has to face. ... More >>

Hearing Aids That Suit The Modern Lifestyle
Four features to keep in mind when choosing hearing aids. ... More >>

Your Medicare Open Enrollment To-Do List
Things to keep in mind for Medicare's annual enrollment period. ... More >>

After Stroke Strikes, What Comes Next?
There could be more good news for many stroke survivors. ... More >>

Preparing For Motherhood: How To Protect Your Health And Your Growing Baby
The most important thing expecting moms can do for themselves and their baby is to protect their health throughout pregnancy. ... More >>

Reduce Your Risk Of Stroke
AFib can have symptoms such as an irregular-feeling heartbeat, shortness of breath and light-headedness or it can have no symptoms at all. ... More >>

Four Ideas For Health Care Planning In Retirement
Generate cash to pay your health care expenses. ... More >>

Innovative Technology Improves Patient Experience For Women Undergoing Breast Cancer Treatment
Breast-conserving surgery can now be easier and faster. ... More >>

You May Be Able To Help Save A Child's Life
You can help save children hoping for lifesaving blood stem cell transplants. ... More >>

Organ Transplantation: 7 Surprising And Inspiring Things You Should Know
For people on the transplant waiting list, returning to health is a real and remarkable possibility. ... More >>

Managing Heart Failure
Heart failure can be treated and managed. ... More >>

Recovering From Stroke
Rehabilitation is paramount to helping people build their strength, capabilities and confidence. ... More >>

Flu-Fighting Facts
Protect yourself from the flu. ... More >>

Managing Moderate Pain Three Ways
While everyone experiences pain differently, managing it may be simpler than many people realize. ... More >>

Managing Your Mental Health With Or Without Insurance Coverage
Numerous programs are available to help uninsured Americans who struggle with mental health issues. ... More >>

Harnessing Research Discoveries For Patient Benefit
Cutting-edge research is making significant progress in the treatment of cancer. ... More >>

Sisters Together: Move More, Eat Better
Black women can reach and maintain a healthy weight by being more physically active and making healthier food choices. ... More >>

Small Moments Make a Big Difference.
Engaged fathers can help children lead happier, healthier and more successful lives. ... More >>

Make Your Health Part Of Your Hurricane Prep Plan
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicts we may see an above average hurricane season. ... More >>

Release, Refresh, Reset
You don't have to let a busy schedule break your healthy stride or keep you from crushing your goals. ... More >>

Choosing The Right Caregiver For Your Parents
Finding the right caregiver can be less stressful if you know the right questions to ask. ... More >>

Why Won't My Ankle Sprain Heal?
Sprained ankles are painful and can limit your ability to walk, so accurate diagnosis and treatment are necessary. ... More >>

Americans Overwhelmingly Reject Insurers Efforts To Deny Patients Coverage
Americans believe insurance companies should not be allowed to deny coverage for people with chronic diseases. ... More >>

Reading Sunscreen Labels Can Save Your Family's Health
Studies show that parents need to exercise caution when choosing the right sunscreen for their kids. ... More >>

Struggling With Addiction? Tips On Finding Quality Treatment
Treating addiction doesn't have to be something you do alone. ... More >>

Combating Cancer In Young Women Online
Several communities are making a particular effort to see that young women have reliable online resources when it comes to breast cancer. ... More >>

Rural Hospital Closings In Missouri Reach Critical Level
Air ambulances get critically ill Missourians to the medical help they need when they need it. ... More >>

Veterans Today
If you or someone you care about is among America's more than 20 million veterans, here are a few facts and figures you may find of note. Do you know how people who are blind support our nation's veterans? ... More >>

What To Do When The 'Lice Letter' Comes Home
Don't panic, but do take control. ... More >>

Antibiotics And Your Dentist?CDC Urges You To Be Antibiotics Aware
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention encourages the public to Be Antibiotics Aware by talking with their dentists about when antibiotics are needed for their oral health. ... More >>

What To Do When Life Makes You A Caregiver For Someone You Love
Providing encouragement and fostering understanding for those providing care for their loved ones. ... More >>

Is Your Sunscreen Harming The Reefs and Your Health?
Research shows a chemical in certain sunscreens is killing coral reefs and can harm the human body. ... More >>

Long Term Care Benefits: Secure Your Future, Protect Your Retirement
Active and retired members of the uniformed services can apply for stand-alone long term care insurance. ... More >>

Five Senior Health Myths
Some people have mistaken ideas that can jeopardize their health. ... More >>

Parents Hold The Key To Reducing Underage Drinking
Parents hold the key to helping kids make good decisions about alcohol use. ... More >>

Protect Your Health By Protecting Your Retirement Savings
Studies suggest taking care of your health involves fiscal as well as physical action. ... More >>

Ending The Tragedy Of 'Family Fire'
Every year, nearly 3,000 kids are shot by guns that come from the home. ... More >>

Top Five Toy Safety Tips
Whether your children are enjoying their favorite toys or picking out new ones, these tips can help to make sure they stay safe while they play. ... More >>

Thirty Years Later?Laser Vision Correction Remains A Good Option For Many
LASIK is a popular answer to vision troubles. ... More >>

Three Cool Ideas For A Better Night's Rest
Some 50 million Americans are affected by intermittent sleep problems. ... More >>

New Transplants Are Changing Lives
Changing lives in incredible new ways. ... More >>

How To Stop A 'Silent Killer'
There's a health condition that can be deadly, and often shows no signs or symptoms?but you can protect yourself from it. ... More >>

Is LASIK Safe? Plus, Answers To Six More Questions About LASIK
Answers to the six most-asked questions about LASIK. ... More >>

Don't Let Nausea Spoil Your Life
A science called neuromodulation can help you from feeling nauseate ... More >>

Connecting Caregivers To Local Resources And Support
Older adults and their loved ones can get advice and support on caregiving from the Eldercare Locator. ... More >>

When It Comes To Stroke, It's OK To Overreact
Stroke is serious; quick treatment can be the deciding factor between recovery and disability. ... More >>

A Great Way To Tap Into A Hot Job Sector
Careers that make a difference. ... More >>

Reducing On-The-Job Stress Improves The Classroom Experience
The teacher's self-care is an important tool for providing a better classroom experience for students. ... More >>

Grant Awarded For Novel Community Health Solutions
People living just five miles apart can have a difference in life expectancy of more than 20 years. ... More >>

Make Vision A Focus
Take steps to protect your vision so you can see the people and things you love for years to come. ... More >>

Everyone With ALS Counts
Learning about amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is an important step in the battle to defeat it. ... More >>

Nurses Now Do More Than Ever
The next time you visit a hospital, you may be surprised at just how much of what happens there is done by nurses. ... More >>

When It Comes To Making Resolutions, June Is The New January
Stay active in hot weather by taking your workout indoors. ... More >>

Sun Smart Schools: Teaching Students Sun Safety In Nevada
Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States but in many cases it can be prevented ... More >>

The ABCs Of IBD Treatments
When you're an active member of your health care team, you and your doctor can come up with the best treatment for you. ... More >>

Increasing IBD Patient Participation In Clinical Trials
Clinical trials can lead to new and better treatments. ... More >>

America Can Put Martin Luther King's Philosophy Of Love Into Practice Today
We don't have to ask what Martin Luther King Jr. would say to us, if he'd lived to see this moment in our history. ... More >>

How Your Next Dental Visit Could Save Your Life
Your dentist may be the first to spot serious medical problems, such as cancer, while they're easiest to treat. ... More >>

A Heart Disease Risk Even Your Doctor May Not Know About
It's a healthy idea to know all your cholesterol numbers, no matter how fit you feel. ... More >>

What's This Bump On My Foot?
Bumps on feet can signal serious or nonserious conditions, so it's best to have all bumps properly examined by a foot and ankle surgeon. ... More >>

How Americans In 'Food Deserts' Or 'Food Swamps' Can Still Fight Off Obesity
It's never too early or too late to make positive changes in your diet or fitness. ... More >>

What You Need To Know About Dental Implants
Implant treatment is considered standard of care and has the best long-term success rate. ... More >>

Unique Mushroom Extract AHCC? Shows Promise For Lyme Disease
New way to alleviate Lyme disease symptoms. ... More >>

Keep The Spring In Your Step: Good Reasons To Exercise After Age 50
There are ways to train without undo strain. ... More >>

Out With The Old, In With The Old-Inspired: Retro-Feeling Essentials Make At-Home Fitness Fun Again
Four ways to make healthy living more fun. ... More >>

How Accident Victims Can Find Justice
An American is accidentally injured every second. If you're ever among them, there are things you should know. ... More >>

A Honey Of A Solution To Rough, Dry Skin
Simple ways honey can help dry skin feel more supple. ... More >>

Know Your Risk Of Heart Disease
For a growing number of American women, knowing their numbers may just save their life. ... More >>

Understanding Crohn's Disease And Ulcerative Colitis
If you're among the 1.6 million Americans with Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis, there are a few facts you may find helpful to know. ... More >>

Reuniting Long-Lost Loved Ones
Imagine your loved ones are caught up in an international disaster or armed conflict and you have no idea whether they're safe. Fortunately, the world's largest humanitarian network can help. ... More >>

What You Should Know About Heart Valve Disease
Here's health information to take to heart. ... More >>

Healthy Living And Macular Degeneration: Tips To Protect Your Vision
Health news you may be glad to see. ... More >>

Atrial Fibrillation: When The Heart Skips A Beat
Atrial fibrillation, an irregular heart-beat, can cause chaos over time?but there are ways to treat it. ... More >>

My Vision Is Blurry, But Eyeglasses Don't Help
Some eye conditions cannot be corrected with eyeglasses?but they can be helped. ... More >>

How To C.A.R.E. About Being Your Best
C.A.R.E to live a healthier, happier, more active lifestyle. ... More >>

Five Reasons Your Hearing Aids Should Connect To Your Smartphone
Now hear this. ... More >>

Why?And How?To 'Heart' Your Kidneys, Every Day
Your kidneys are as essential to life as other vital organs, such as your heart. ... More >>

It's Flu Season: CDC Reminds Public That Antibiotics Do Not Treat Flu
Everyone 6 months or older should get a yearly flu vaccine. ... More >>

How To Help Sick Friends And Family Near And Far
Facing a Serious Health Condition?Stories of Strength and Life with a Rare Lung Disease ... More >>

Protecting Your Privacy
Some people are taking an unhealthy interest in your medical information?but they can be stopped. ... More >>

How To Help Sick Friends And Family Near And Far
... More >>

Mind-Body Workshops Help Military Heroes Heal
Tools and resources for coping with stress and trauma. ... More >>

Two Pilot Clinical Studies Show Promising Results: AHCC Mushroom Extract May Eradicate Recurrent HPV Infections in Women
Scientists have found a way to use a mushroom extract to help women infected with HPV. ... More >>

Living Well With Dementia In The Community
More support is available for people with dementia and their caregivers than ever before. ... More >>

How Older Adults Can Combat Loneliness And Social Isolation Through Exercise
An exercise class can be a great place for older people to make new friends. ... More >>

Keep Your Brain Fit
Scientific evidence points to the important role of hearing health in maintaining quality of life long-term. ... More >>

How To Look Out For Your Lips This Winter
When it's cold outside?and hot and dry inside?your lips need extra care to stay soft and feel comfortable. Here are five tips that can help. ... More >>

Five Tips To Help Minnesotans Quit Smoking
If you or someone you care about would like to quit smoking, here are five steps that can help. ... More >>

Live Life Well: Keeping Your Resolutions In 2018
Next year could be better than ever for you. ... More >>

Give The Gift Of Sight This Holiday Season
Take steps to protect your sight. ... More >>

Use Your Brain To Tackle Tinnitus
Sometimes, the problem with hearing loss is not just that you can't hear sounds that are there, it's that you can hear sounds that are not. ... More >>

Finding Help With Expensive Medications
If you or someone you love has a chronic disease or a life-threatening condition, pharmaceutical manufacturers offer you a gift of hope. ... More >>

Get Help Taking Your Medicine
If you have a hard time keeping track of what meds you need to take when, your pharmacist can help. ... More >>

Medical Device Professional Living With Diabetes Now Uses The Insulin Pump He Helped Get Approved In The U.S.
Insulin pump technology can help people with diabetes enjoy greater freedom and better health. ... More >>

Reducing Your Risk Of Heart Attack
Protect heart health with diet, exercise and taking prescribed medication. ... More >>

Tips For A Stress-Free Holiday Season
Keep stress at bay and stay in the holiday spirit. ... More >>

The Truth About Alcohol During The Holidays: How To Eat, Drink And Be Merry (Responsibly)
Steps to reduce the risks of overindulging in drinking during the holiday season. ... More >>

Four Big Reasons For Little Kids To See An Orthodontist
Although parents may assume that they must wait until a child has all of his or her permanent teeth before seeing an orthodontist, all children should get a checkup with an orthodontist no later than age 7. ... More >>

Tackling Depression Can Lead To A Happier New Year
Expert advice on handling depression and the blues. ... More >>

Tips For Coping With Depression While Traveling
Don't let the stress of travel make depression worse. ... More >>

New Survey Finds Teen Acne Can Take The 'Self' Out Of Selfie
Teens today don't have to let acne get in the way of engaging with friends through a typical teenage activity. ... More >>

Top Five Tips To Stay Fit This Holiday Season
Don't let your fitness and diet goals get pushed to the side during the holidays. ... More >>

How To Deal With DOMS
Don't let a few aches and pains put you off your exercise routine. ... More >>

Tips To Help You Get Ahead Of Sepsis
Pay attention to infections. If an infection doesn't get better, seek medical care immediately. ... More >>

Bring Your Exercise Routine In From The Cold
Staying in shape when it's cold out doesn't need to be a challenge. ... More >>

Five Reasons To Get Your Hearing Tested Today
It's a good idea to get your hearing checked. ... More >>

National Survey Reveals Most Americans Are Unaware Of Key Cancer Risk Factors
Reducing cancer risk may be simpler than you realize. ... More >>

Older People Improve Life For Others And Themselves
Many older Americans have discovered sharing their accumulated wisdom with others who need help can be a big win all around. ... More >>

Combating The Opioid Epidemic In Appalachia
Individuals, government agencies, and businesses are taking steps to reduce the opioid crisis—and you can be part of the solution. ... More >>

Managing A COPD Diagnosis—Tips For Living Well
It can be confusing and scary when you first find out that you have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a leading cause of death in the United States—but there are ways to keep living life to the fullest. ... More >>

New Guide-lines Mean More Americans Have High Blood Pressure—You Could Be One Of Them
New blood pressure guidelines will change how high blood pressure is detected, prevented, managed and treated. ... More >>

Antibiotics Aren't Always The Answer CDC Urges Public To Be Antibiotics Aware
Learn about safe antibiotic use. ... More >>

What You Should Know About Vaccines
Three easy steps to protection. ... More >>

Have A Deliciously Healthy Holiday Season
Find small, simple ways to incorporate more nutrition in holiday foods, without losing flavor. ... More >>

Surprising Perks Of Your Medicare Plan
Some Medicare plans offer free fitness memberships through programs such as SilverSneakers. ... More >>

Common Small Business Health Insurance Misconceptions
While health care can be mystifying, small businesses need not fall prey to misinformation and myths. ... More >>

It's All In The Stars: Rating System For Medicare Plans Explained
Seniors enrolling in Medicare often are surprised to discover that most Medicare health and prescription drug plans are measured by a five-star rating system. ... More >>

Healthy Holiday Eating Is Easier Than You Think
Smart snacking can help keep your energy up and your appetite under control. ... More >>

A Closer Look At LASIK Success Rates
When it comes to vision correction, the satisfaction rate for LASIK surgery is 96 percent. ... More >>

Fortify Against The Flu At Work With Feng Shui
Flu-fighting, energy-enhancing Feng Shui tips for your office. ... More >>

Your Money And Your Health: When It Comes To Probiotics, Less Is More
Though too small to see, probiotics can be a big deal when it comes to your health. ... More >>

Shock Chlorination Of Water Wells: What You Need To Know
Shocking facts about disinfecting a well. ... More >>

Three Easy Ways To Improve Your Life
Helpful hints to ease and enhance your life. ... More >>

Five Helpful Tips For Staying Fit And Fantastic After Age 50
Heed these five hints on keeping healthy, active and pain-free as you age. ... More >>

Understanding IPF—A Rare Lung Disease
Doctors today can treat a serious, irreversible lung disease. ... More >>

Majority Of First Responders Have Experienced Symptoms Related To Mental Health, Need Support To Receive Care, According To New Survey
First responders know how to save others but may need help saving themselves. ... More >>

Help For People With Problem Perspiration
A common but hidden scourge, excessive sweating—hyperhidrosis—is a serious medical condition. ... More >>

Medicare Open Enrollment Means More To Boomers Than Ever
Identify health care savings opportunities. ... More >>

Get Back On Your Feet—Tips For Running At Any Age
Take advantage of a free fitness membership. ... More >>

What Wise Wisconsinites Will Eat For Better Smiles
Here's nutrition news you can really get your teeth into: A balanced diet is essential for a healthy smile as well as good for the rest of you. ... More >>

Keep Kids Fit
One in five school age children is obese—but yours don't have to be. ... More >>

Vital Advice For Hearing Aid Wearers
Four tips to protect you in an emergency. ... More >>

Give The Gift Of Music For The Present Of A Lifetime
Make singing holiday songs extra special. ... More >>

NHLBI: Exploring Research Directions In Hope Of A Widely Available Cure For Sickle Cell Disease
Safe and effective treatments for sickle cell disease may soon be widely available. ... More >>

Clearing Away The Clouds Of Turbidity
Cloudy well water can be cause for concern. Testing can help. ... More >>

Progress Against Cancer
Significant advances against cancer have resulted in a steadily declining cancer death rate. ... More >>

Womanhood Is Not Defined By A Uterus: Debunking Myths About Hysterectomy
Doctors today can perform hysterectomies without causing early menopause. ... More >>

Myths And Facts: Clearing Up A Few Misconceptions About Eye Exams
Eye exams play a vital role in maintaining your health. ... More >>

Don't Risk Life And Limb: Know The Signs Of Peripheral Artery Disease
Leg pain could be a signal that your heart is at risk. ... More >>

Pile on the produce and reduce chronic diseases. ... More >>

Five Myths And Facts About Cholesterol
Understanding and managing cholesterol is an important part of protecting heart health. ... More >>

Tips On Choosing A Lice Treatment For Back-To-School
Parents today have a variety of over-the-counter options for treating lice. Here's a look at the three most common. ... More >>

Laser Vision Correction For Life's Major Milestones
Big life transitions are a good time to consider LASIK eye surgery. ... More >>

Our Journey To Conquer Cancer Needs More Fuel
Public investment in cancer research offers hope to millions. ... More >>

Pregnancy Planning—An App For That
Many women keep track of their body's ability to have a baby with help from an ingenious app. ... More >>

Five Fun Ways To Welcome The Tooth Fairy
When it's time for the Tooth Fairy to visit your house, you can celebrate the occasion in some special ways. ... More >>

Crispy Fruit Snacks In The Lunchbox Get An A+
A healthy lunch and nutritious snacks can keep kids happy and attentive throughout the school day. ... More >>

Cherish Your Hearing For Life
How to handle hearing loss. ... More >>

Spread The Word, Not The Flu
The best way to help prevent the flu is to get an annual flu vaccination. ... More >>

Four Ways To Show Your School Spirit
Fun ways to demonstrate your school pride. ... More >>

Screen To Keep Spine Trouble From Getting Worse
It's time to check kids for scoliosis. ... More >>

When Veterans' Caregivers Are Left Behind
Older disabled veterans may not get all the benefits more recent ones do. ... More >>

A Guide For Health Care And Insurance Usage: Four Factors That Inform Americans' Health Care Decisions
Access to quality health care and reliable insurance coverage is in a constant state of change. ... More >>

SilverSneakers Celebrates 25 Years of Health and Happiness
Free fitness classes for older adults. ... More >>

Six Amazing Secrets Behind Your Smile
Each smile is unique. What does yours say about you? ... More >>

Learning To Trust Your Gut: Not As Simple As It Sounds
Trust your gut to keep you healthy. ... More >>

Scientists Discover A Better Way To Clean Teeth
Here's something to smile about. ... More >>

Prioritize Your Child's Eyesight This School Year
The back-to-school season is a great time to check in on your child's sight. ... More >>

Saved By The Scan
You've quit smoking, now take the next step toward protecting your health. ... More >>

Prostate Cancer Facts And Figures That May Save Your Life
If you or someone you care about is a man over 50, now may be a good time to ask a doctor about prostate cancer screening. ... More >>

Building Healthy Communities
Physical activity can improve your health and reduce the risk of developing several chronic diseases. ... More >>

How To Use Nutrition To Make It Through Menopause
Ease the symptoms that occur with age, naturally. ... More >>

Nurse And Mother Of Two Takes New Approach To Finally Lose The Weight
If you ever fear you have a fat chance of being slim, consider the case of Bayyinah Guerrant. ... More >>

Dieting For Dollars
Thanks to "weight loss wagering" with HealthyWage, for many people, looking slimmer means a fatter wallet. ... More >>

How To Sleep Better When You Travel
Five steps toward better sleep, a better trip and even better productivity and relationships. ... More >>

Two Keys To Protecting Water Wells From Contamination
Protect your water quality. ... More >>

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