All-State Music Festival is this weekend in Ames

The All-State Music Festival is this weekend in Ames. The 2019 Festival will celebrate the 73rd anniversary of this prestigious event.

The 279-piece All-State Band, 227-piece All-State Orchestra and 601-member All-State Chorus will rehearse in Ames Friday and Saturday, Nov. 22 and 23, and the Festival Concert will be presented to the public at 7:30 p. m. in Hilton Coliseum, Iowa State University, Ames, Saturday evening, Nov. 23.

Iowa Public Television will record the concert and broadcast it on Thanksgiving night, Nov. 28, at 7 p. m. and Sunday, Dec. 8, at 1 p. m.

This program is under the auspices of the Iowa High school Music Association and the Iowa Music Educators Association.