Carson Bruns to give presentation on the future of tattoos

Vesterheim, that National Norwegian-American museum and heritage center, will host chemist/artist Dr. Carson Bruns to present “Tattoos for Health: The Future of Smart Tattoos” Sunday, Nov. 24, at 7 p. m. in Valdres, Room 206 at Luther College.

There will be a reception in the Valdres Building following the presentation.

Bruns directs the Emergent Nanomaterials Lab, where they develop tattoo inks that serve a functional purpose beyond the decorative and aesthetic.

Although tattooing is a very ancient practice, until recently innovations in tattoo technology have been limited.

“At the Emergent Nanomaterials Lab, tattoo inks act as a medium for embedding useful microscopic implants in the skin. Relying on nanotechnology, we design tattoos that impart the skin with new properties, such as enhanced sensitivity to, or protection from, damaging radiation and temperatures,” Bruns said.

Scientists at the lab hope to use these high-tech tattoos to power biomedical devices and wearable technologies, monitor and diagnose health issues and augment human sensing and self-expression.

The presentation is being offered in connection with the museum’s exhibit “Tattoo: Identity Through Ink,” sponsored by Nick and Courtney Rowley, with community partners Brock’s Valhalla Tattoo and Toppling Goliath Brewing Co.