Cock-a-doodle-don’t; city approves rooster ban
By Sarah Strandberg

An ordinance banning roosters in the city was unanimously approved by the Decorah City Council Monday night.

Several Council members have received complaints about roosters from constituents and the city has been trying to mitigate a complaint for several months.

In April, the city filed a notice of an ordinance violation in the small claims division of Winneshiek County District Court against Ralph Van Fossen, 806 Linden St., following complaints from his neighbors, Dan and Carol Edmondson, 804 Linden St. The notice said Van Fossen had failed to comply with city code regarding “bothersome animals” and disturbing the peace. A non-jury trial on the city’s complaint was held Monday afternoon before Magistrate Nathaniel Moonen, but a ruling has not yet been issued.


After a Council work session in October, Council members agreed to pursue an ordinance amendment that would add a chapter to city code prohibiting the keeping of roosters within city limits. The first reading of the ordinance was unanimously approved by the Council at its Nov 4 meeting. Before the second reading of the ordinance Monday night, Mayor Lorraine Borowski allowed comments from members of the public.

Carol Edmondson told the Council the magistrate at Monday’s trial said it would be difficult to take


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