New Minnesota law a boon for hemp farmers
Craft cannabis
By Charlie Warner
Luis Miguel Hummel, founder and owner of 5th Sun Gardens of rural Lanesboro, is in the process of expanding his hemp business, now that Minnesota has relaxed its laws on hemp. He is shown here with one of the hemp oils he sells. (Photo by Charlie Warner)

“A new law the Minnesota Legislature recently passed should bring some real legitimacy to the hemp growers in the state,” observed Luis Miguel Hummel of rural Lanesboro, Minn. As of July 1, Minnesota residents can legally possess and consume edible, drinkable and/ or smoke hemp-based products, as long as the THC level is under five mg per serving. The hemp-based products can only be sold by state-approved distributors to persons 21 or older and limited to packages containing 50 mg of product or less.

The new law brings Minn. a half step behind 17 states and the District of Columbia where recreational marijuana is legal. Minnesota is currently among 16 additional states where medical marijuana is legal with a doctor’s prescription. There are seven more states (Iowa is in this category, if 0.3 percent THC or less) where CBD (cannabinoids) oil is legal.

Hummel, who is owner and founder of 5th Sun Gardens, has been a licensed hemp grower for a number of years and has been creating and distributing THC-free CBD oil, salves and products -like their Harley Tsu line with different flavors -for those who realize medical relief from CBD. They were first place winners of the 2019 Legacy CBD Cup held in Minneapolis, Minn., for their topical CBD Body Salve.

To be a licensed hemp grower in Minneso-ta, Hummel had to jump through a number of governmental hoops, including a background check and an annual inspection where 10 cuttings of his product are tested by the state to ensure that the THC level was below the state-imposed limit. If

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